Dubit Limited is globally recognised as a leading youth research, strategy and interactive development and communications agency. It specializes in creating and designing digital entertainment experiences for kids with a core focus on social platforms, games and virtual worlds. The company is a leading expert in the research, creative thinking, and understanding of youth lifestyles, attitudes, aspirations, and behaviors, as well as their needs and motivations. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Leeds in the United Kingdom with international offices in Australian and the USA. Anton Kaszubowski serves as a Non Executive Director of Dubit.

Buster Games creates social mobile games, developed on its own scalable and repeatable gaming platform as well as distributing on leading gaming portals and social networks. The company’s focus is on building and operating social casino and casual games, designed from inception. The company develops natively for all leading mobile platforms and also distributes its games with leading portals such as Yahoo and MSN and Facebook. The company has its main office in Los Angeles, USA. Anton Kaszubowski served as a member of the Advisory Board of Buster Games. The company ceased operations in 2019.

Ever Adventure developed innovative B2C games in the new market formed by the convergence between social gambling and real money gambling (. In 2014 the company launched its first product, slotser.com. In December 2014 the company licensed its games to Jackpot.de and as result the company’s games were advertised across 3k+ media outlets in Germany including RTL. In 2016 the company also closed a strategic partnership with William Hill in the UK. The Company was headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and also had a design studio in Tel Aviv, Israel. Anton Kaszubowski served on the board of directors of Ever Adventure. The company was closed in 2016.

NEKTR is a licensed Lottery Manager targeting the UK society lottery market by creating and distributing innovative games with premium retail and marketing partners. The company combines a highly experienced management team (ex-Camelot) and industry leading suppliers with proven delivery capability. In 2018 the company launched scratch cards across the UK through a partnership with Co-Op and is working on launching digital lottery products into the £7.5bn UK lottery market. The Company has its offices in London, United Kingdom. Anton Kaszubowski serves as a member of the board of NEKTR.

Askott Entertainment is a next generation B2B iGaming platform targeting the esports and millennial audience, with a B2C presence through ESP.bet, which offers fantasy league games, betting, bespoke casino games and analytical solutions in the rapidly-growing eSports industry. With both mobile app and desktop offerings, ESP.bet is a highly engaging way for millions of eSports enthusiasts to be directly involved in competitive games and tournaments.

Betfect brings a social media experience and sports betting experience together, in an innovative way, where people can place, share and copy bets, without leaving the platform. Betfect’s platform integrates with bookmakers APIs and provides a social interaction and social media integration layer and functionality through their our destination website – www.betfect.com. The platform functions as an affiliate and retention tool for sportsbooks. The company was sold to BetAdvisor in 2018.

XR Games (based in Leeds, England) makes both console and mobile Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) games for world famous Intellectual Properties. XR Games is an innovative start up with Venture Capital funding. XR Games is thrilled to be collaborating with Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and Rovio Entertainment to bring ‘The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure’ game to PlayStation®VR, launching alongside the film in Summer 2019. Anton was a founder and original board member of XR Games. He now acts as an advisor to the company.

Apex Solutions is an outsourced IT company based in Estonia & Moldova. The company specialises in web and mobile development, machine learning applications, virtual and augmented reality apps and games, as well as cost effective system administration and dev-ops services. Anton founded the business in 2016 to provide high quality, lower cost development support to his network of partners and clients.

Mercurius offers a premium sports trading platform for professional sports traders and investors to build and execute automated betting strategies based on machine learning (artificial intelligence) and statistical techniques. Mercurius has developed proprietary artificial intelligence entirely focused on sports betting: statistical models leveraging on machine learning algorithms to crunch sports data and price odds. The platform is a modular toolkit dedicated to helping sports traders and professional investors gain an edge over the market. Anton Kaszubowski serves as a member of the Advisory Board of Mercurius.

ACA Print Finishing & Packaging Solutions is a leading packing and print finishing company servicing a large client base in Scotland and Northern England. Based in Glasgow, the company offers one of the largest suite of services in the UK – including full Grade A BRC Packaging certification. Anton serves on the board of ACA Group.

BCF Wessex provides innovative, state of the art, multi-platform digital solutions to the motor industry and is also widely regarded as one of the country’s leading automotive tax and finance consultancy practices. The company’s flagship product is GENSEN, a SAAS solution for clients to simplify the complex decision and calculations required to structure the optimum business car fleet for their customers.  Anton serves as an advisor to BCF Wessex.

Greenlaw has a broad investment portfolio and experience having also invested into mainstream asset classes such as residential property development and listed equities as well as alternative sectors such as cryptocurrency and vertically integrated medical marijuana companies.


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